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Teja’s Trees provides a full range of professional tree services.

Tree removal Brisbane

removal of a tree is sometimes necessary as a last option. If a tree is diseased, has outgrown it's positions or if renovations are needed, then complete removal may be necessary.
For tree removal Brisbane, call Tejas trees. Tree Loppers Brisbane.

Preparation for storm season.

Storms are unpredictable in timing and intensity and can result in great damage to houses and outbuildings due to falling limbs.
we recommend that you have your trees pruned to remone dead wood and weak limbs to ensure against damage. By thinning the canopy of a tree the "sail" effect that can arise is greatly reduced, thereby minimising potential for damage.
Preparation for storm season call Tejas trees. Tree Loppers Brisbane Tree removal BrisbaneTree Pruning Brisbane

Pruning and maintenance.

Most trees require pruning in the urban environment. This improves the aesthetic quality of the tree and promotes healthy growth. Where  trees are close to buildings there is a need to lift branches away from buildings to prevent damage in storms and high winds, reduce leaf litter and keep moulds from growing on walls and roofs.

Emergency tree problems.

we offer a 24 hour 7 day service in emergency situations to remove branches from buildings and driveways in the unfortunate event of damage during storm season.
For emergency tree work call Tejas trees
Storm damage that could have been prevented. Tree loppers
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